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21 Day Keto Program!
I'll walk you thru it step by step 
Results Guaranteed...Or Your Money Back!
21 Day Keto Program!
Results Guaranteed...Or Your Money Back!
63 Simple Fat-Burning Recipes

I've Tried Keto Before..

I've tried keto before, but it didn't work for me.  It was too hard too restricting and I was just always confused...until I worked with Brandi.  I didn't even realize what I was doing wrong before. Brandi made keto make sense and I totally get it now! 
-Melinda - 49

I Love Me Again...

"I've never been this in-tune with my body. I've lost 20 lbs and I can't remember the last time I felt this good. I love me again! (And Brandi, too, since this was her idea.)”
-Emily, 39
What Others Say About This Program
'Brandi's program is so easy to understand, the recipes are super easy (I'm not a good cook) and she always text me right back with all my questions."  
-Kathie, 43
"I have food allergies and can't eat some typical keto foods. Brandi spent an hour on the phone with me to understand my needs and changed it so it worked for me.  I cannot say enough about her and this program!  Do it, you won't regret it!"  
-Linda, 39
I have 3 kids and the last thing I wanted to do after working all day was cook all night. My kids actually ate the same food as I did and liked it...well except the vegetables but I think that's normal.  Haha"  
-Jenny, 44
What's Included
INCLUDED: 21 Day Keto Eating Plan ($297 value)
  •  63 done-for-you SIMPLE fat burning recipes and meal plans
  •  Family friendly recipes so you're not cooking different meals
  •  Complete meals and recipes so you always know what to eat and when.
  •  Simple and straight forward meal plan design.
  •  Shopping list opens up right on your less thing to worry about.
INCLUDED: Step By Step Video Tutorials ($197 value)
  • Simple step-by-step video tutorials you can watch on your computer or phone.
  •  Over 25 video lessons outlining every thing you need to know about getting into and maintaining a ketogenic state. 
  •  More than 60 minutes of video.
  •  Topics include: Tracking Your Macro's, Eating Out While On Keto, Testing Your Ketone Levels, How To Modify Your Meal Plans, The Hunger Hormones, Calories, Quick Tips and many many more!
  • Printable Worksheets you can use to follow along with the training and make sure you don't miss one single thing!
  •  Learn with 100% confidence how to continue with keto as long as you want.
  •  Detailed answers to all your questions.
INCLUDED: Quick Reference Guide For Your Fridge ($19 value) 
  •  Hang this Quick Reference Guide on your fridge to keep your goals on track and top of mind.
  •  Comprehensive list of keto approved foods
  •  Go-to snacks for on the go eating.
INCLUDED: Shopping List ($49 value)

  •  Everyday ingredients you can buy at your local grocery store.
  •  Never forget your list again because it's available on your phone
  •  Three (3) week shopping list organized by aisle.
BONUS 1: 3 Full Weeks of FAT Burning Workouts ($297 Value)
  •  Jumpstart your process with a full body depletion workout
  •  Expedite the keto process and burn thru stored fat with an exercise program that compliments your eating.
  • Full body workout that hits every major muscle group.
Bonus 2: Free Keto Testing Strips ($15 Value)
  •  FREE Keto Testing strips.
  •  Best strips on the market shipped directly to you 
  •  Check your ketone levels and guarantee your in keto with these strips 

Bonus 3: Facebook Community
  •  Free access to my private Facebook group where you have access to me and other women on the same journey.
  •  Daily accountability and support from me and other group members
  •  Regular live video trainings 
Permanently Lose Weight
-Without Feeling Hungry
-Without Spending Hours Cooking
-While Eating Food Your Family Can Eat Too!
(watch this short video for explanation)
12 Lbs In The First Two Weeks
"I feel more energetic and I am not hungry like I have been in the past. The meal plan and recipes were straight forward and very easy to follow and I have already lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks!"

-Darci Barney, 58
Get Back Into Your Skinny Pants!
" I was 36 when I had my 4th baby and I really struggled to get fit into my pre-baby clothes.   Even though I was exercising regularly I just couldn't get it back.  Keto allowed me to dial in on what was missing and got me back into my skinny pants!"
Brandi Clark, 40 
Is Keto  Right For You?
Whether your metabolism has slowed or you're trying to get ready for your class reunion this summer (uh um...think ex-boyfriend), Keto For Beginners will guide you thru every step to reclaim control and regain your confidence.
You're Frustrated With The Process
You've tried other weight reduction plans in the past  but the scale never seems to move. Once it does finally move it is extremely slow and frustrating. Keto For Beginners is PERFECT for you if you struggle leaning out as your body will use stored body fat as fuel. 

You Don't Have Time To Exercise
No problem! When in nutritional ketosis you do not need to incorporate exercise. Sure exercise will help expedite the process however your metabolism will still ignite even without it. 
The Scale Always Creeps Back Up
You are in luck my friend! When you lose weight on a ketogenic diet it is much easier to maintain the loss.  The presence of ketone bodies will reset your hormone levels which leaves your body wanting to maintain your new lower weight instead of gaining it back (as with traditional plans).
You're Always Hungry Or Feel Deprived
The ketogenic meal plan provided with this program is packed full of flavorful satiating foods that actually help curb cravings and promote fat loss.  Traditional diets prohibit melt-in-your-mouth foods like bacon and cream cheese...not on keto!  Most participants report that they actually think about food LESS while in ketosis and rarely feel hungry.  
Stop Your Cravings!
"To my surprise it has been super easy to follow and I don't feel deprived like I have in the past.

I feel better than I ever have and my clothes are fitting completely different and some are even getting too big! I have more energy at the gym and am not craving junk foods or missing them at all."

-Jen Ebarb, 41
No More Emotional Eating!
"I have struggled with my weight going up for the last 8 or so years. I’ve followed different meal plans but hadn’t found anything that really worked for me. 

Within the first week of starting this program, my indigestion was gone. My energy was up and I wasn’t craving sweets or snacks. I was full after meals and I completely stopped my stress eating. I was even down  8 pounds."

Maggie Liljenquist, 35
Frequently Asked Questions.
Can This Really Work For Me?
Yes...yes it can.  I get it, losing weight is frustrating and sometimes we feel like we just want to throw in the towel.  I've spent the majority of my life fighting my weight...and I am in the fitness industry its supposed to be "easy" for me.  It's not!  It's not easy for anyone. The traditional way we eat as American's only promotes weight gain and STOPS weight loss because it is so high in carbohydrates. Keto For Beginners will put a permanent stop to the cycle and open your mind up to a whole new way of looking and feeling better!  

How Long Does It Take To Get Into Ketosis?
Most people achieve ketosis within 7 days, however beta testers inside The Keto For Beginners program reported reaching ketosis at the end of day 2 by following the meal plan provided in the program.

Do I Need To Adopt This As A Permanent Way Of Eating?
No.  The best way to use this metabolic process is as a TOOL to fast track your journey and promote permanent changes.  I recommend eating keto for 2-3 weeks and then cycling out. By using this method 2-4 times a year and eating a clean, nutritous and well balanced meal plan in between cycles you will feel amazing and maintain your new figure.

How Do I Know What To Eat And If I Am Eating Right?
The Keto For Beginners program comes with two full weeks of meal plans, recipes, shopping list and tracking sheets.  This program has been tested by two separate groups of beta testers and we have perfected the program, the food, the recipes and the tracking sheets to provide you with everything you need to know to eat correctly. 
What Do I Do If I Have Questions?
Email me!  Upon registration you are given my direct email address and I can answer any questions you have.  I can also provide modifications to the meal plan and double check your tracking to make sure your on point!
Wellthy U Body and Mind
  • Step-by-step instructions on getting into and stay in keto.
  • 2 weeks meal planning
  • Tracking Sheets 
  •  Full support
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**Ketogenic Diet For Beginners  comes With A 7 Day Conditional Money Back Guarantee.  If unsatisfied with this program please contact support. You may be asked to procide your tracking sheets.
Ketogenic Diet For Beginners
    "This was the best thing I ever did for my bodyl"  - Lisa Azelle
    ****Ketogenic Diet For Beginners comes With A 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If unsatisfied with this program please contact support.
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